Paraiso Sisal, Yucatan Certain capital gain, Deeded lots, private property Get amazed by Sisal, enjoy the peace of this colorful town Surround yourself with nature, Your property, very close to the El Palmar natural reserve

Invest in paradise now

Paraiso Sisal

Deeded lots, private property

Certain capital gain

Enjoy the peace of this colorful town

Get amazed by Sisal

Your property, very close to the El Palmar natural reserve

Surround yourself with nature

Paradise is here

Sisal Seaport

Sisal is located in the northeast coast of Yucatan, Mexico; 47 km away from Merida, the state capital, and very close to the great Chichen Itza and Cancun, Q Roo.

How to get to Paraiso Sisal?

Leaving Merida, you take the new Merida-Celestun Highway, flanking Hunucma, until you get to Sisal. The lots are located 3 minutes west of the seaport.

Acquire a piece of paradise

Make your reservation with just $1000.00 USD ($1K) and secure your own slice of paradise


Customer Testimonials

  • Testimonial of Eliazid y Evelin Montoy
  • Eliazid y Evelin Montoy

We’re sharing the great experience we had investing in a property that is really a dream, a paradise by the sea. All the lots of Paraiso Sisal are in front row at the best beach in the Yucatan Peninsula. Originally, I was looking for a property where I could build my dream summer house for my family and, in the future, our retirement refuge. The zone is a paradise between the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean and the estuary with mangroves and an extensive variety of exotic birds, like flamingos and kingfishers. The attention provided by the sales team was warm and detailed, they took us to the estuary and a really beautiful waterhole. I specially thank Walter Mendez, that cheered us on to make the decision to buy the beach lot. We verified the legal matters, permissions and restrictions and everything was in order. It is truly a paradise like no other and it would be perfect for ecotourist projects.

  • Testimonial of Ernesto y Diana Fuentes
  • Ernesto y Diana Fuentes

We had been looking for a property in front of the sea, we even had a reservation on some lots nearby, but the location wasn’t convincing enough. It was at that moment, when looking over the coast with the help of Google Maps, that I saw the beautiful lots of Paraiso Sisal surrounded by the incredible natural reserve of El Palmar. We knew immediately that we had to have there the beach house of out dreams. We did all the investigations to make sure the property was outside the reserve and that it had the UGA (permissions) to build a residence. I want to make clear that it was really satisfying to encounter all the legal and environmental certainty, to know that I was dealing with honest people, as well as responsible with our environment. I’m more than happy to recommend them, as I did to my own sister, who will make her investment in Paraiso Sisal as well.

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