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Why make this investment?

  • In real estate the best investments are beach lots
  • Paraiso Sisal has exceptional beachfront lots on the most beautiful emerald coast in the Yucatan.
  • Less than 45 minutes away from Merida, “voted” the safest city in Mexico, your property is guaranteed to have greater value for growth more than anywhere else in Mexico!
  • The beach lots are privately owned, we can sell you lots to build your own dream house or we can build your beachfront residence for you.
  • We, the owners, come from an old established family with an impeccable reputation and longstanding business presence in Merida.
  • All the documents and permits are in order, ready to be notarized with your name to own your own piece of Paradise!

Information on the lots

  • The Lots are just 3 minutes away from the fishing village of Sisal and less than 45 minutes from Merida.
  • All the lots are deeded and private property.
  • The lots have 10 linear meters of beachfront and are over 100 meters deep (per plan)
  • We already have sold more than 220 lots from the first and second phase
  • All the lots have a path to access the back of the lots facing the lagoon.
  • The beach is totally natural and unspoiled.
  • The lots are close to a freshwater eye, next to a nature reserve and UMA Patos.
  • The Gulf water is gentle and warm all year round.
  • We sell the lots in multiples of 10 linear meters of beachfront.
  • Ask us about our beachfront residence projects and other financing options.
  • The lots already have electricity.
  • For water, in the Village of Sisal like the rest of Yucatan, it is customary to have a cistern and there is a very efficient local service, you can also dig a well on your property for irrigation and cleaning.
Lots and residences on Sisal, Yucatan

Model for our first residence FOR SALE in 2018

  • Homes with 105 square meters of construction
  • Ready for alternate energy
  • Built on materials from the region
  • Biodigester for organic waste
  • Drinking water storage system
  • Two bedrooms and two bathrooms
  • Living room, dining room and terrace

House model - Yard
House model - interior
House model - interior

House model - Interior
House model - Interior
House model - beach view

How can I own this paradise?

  • Make your reservation as soon as possible with just $1000 USD. This reservation guarantees the price, because the market is on the rise. It also sets the scheduling of your visit to the lots. If you decide, for any reason, not to make the investment, we will return it a 100%
  • If you come from a different state or country, to make all the negotiation in a single 2-day trip, send (without obligation) your general information and papers, so you can sign the next day after visiting your lots.
  • In the lots with a house we accept 50% down payment and 1 year to complete payment WITH NO INTEREST
  • In both instances, the deed is signed at the last payment

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