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Can a foreigner buy property in Mexico?

  • At Inmobiliaria Paraiso Sisal SA de CV we have a team of consultors advising you at every step of the way on your purchase of a Mexican beach property. We have a bilingual lawyer firm with experienced tax attorneys that will take care of all legal matters, securing your own private paradise.
  • 70% of our clients are foreigners that have trusted us and our team of attorneys to accompany them through the acquisition process of their dream property in our beautiful beaches.

Purchase through a “Trust” (fideicomiso)

  • The Mexican government allows foreigners to buy property through a Real Estate Trust. Since foreigners are not able to enter into contracts to buy real estate, they must have a bank to act on their behalf. The bank acts as trustee for the buyer of the property.
  • The advantage of the Bank Trust system is that the bank reviews all documentation to make sure that the transaction goes smoothly, and together with the notary they make sure all property is free of tax.
  • The usual time for a property trust is 50 years, but it can be renovated easily. If you want to sell your property, the trust can also be transferred. The cost of this trust varies from bank to bank.
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Purchase through a Company (SA) or moral person

This is the most common way used by our clients, due to legal reasons and the swiftness of the transaction. That way you own the property directly and there’s no bank process to go through. It’s the safest way to acquire beach property in Mexico. If you require more information, send a message our way and our legal team will advise you every step of the way.

Here you can see the approval of the reform that gives legal certainty for foreigners to buy property in Mexico

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